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Endings and Beginnings

This post will cover a few different things that may be of interest to you, including the upcoming new moon, the new year, and the end of 2016. 

Later this week we have the new moon in Capricorn occurring at 1:55AM on Thursday, December 29th. If you are interested in using astrology and new moons to change your life I must recommend New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller as a resource to help you make your intentions/wishes more potent.

Now, in general, Capricorn deals with responsibilities, security, goals and success. This is a great time to set new intentions for saving for the future, self-discipline, commitments, hard work, and things of this nature. If you’re using the new moon to bring things into your life, these topics have extra oomph.

 But what I really want to write about today is using this new moon to release past “karmic ties.” When I use the phrase “karmic ties” what I mean are habits, beliefs, thoughts, etc. that work in the back of your being to sabotage you from achieving your goals. 

We all have these karmic ties. They aren’t the final say on what you do and don’t accomplish or receive. If they were a lot of us would be living a lot worse. Because the new moon occurs before the beginning of the new year and in the grander scheme of things is occurring during a time of endings, I feel this would be the best time to write intentions about releasing. 

This could mean releasing cruel self-criticism, or an over-developed desire to please others. If your issues of release fall under a tendency to be controlling, pessimistic, or fearful of new things, Capricorn is the perfect sign. You know best what you want to change, and chances are some of these things inform your New Years resolutions. You may be wondering how to write these intentions of release. I always recommend you go with your intuition, but a good format would be as follows:

“I release all feelings of _____ (fear, anger, resentment, guilt, whatever). I am now free and clear.”


“I now dissolve all ties to hurtful relationship dynamics. I only engage in healthy relationship patterns.” 

This will clear your way to step unencumbered into the New Year. If you decide to set resolutions for New Year’s, you can do so without the baggage. ❤

Blessings to you as we move with time to bring this year to a close. May your new year be one of prosperity and joy. And may you mark with reverence every beginning and every ending in your life, knowing that the sacred is in the mundane. 

(Featured picture is by Josephine Wall). 

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