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The Cold Moon and Announcements

It’s after dark on this Gemini full moon and I’m listening to instrumental Celtic music while Faye sleeps in my lap. Gemini rules communication, money, and some other issues and intentions that I don’t remember off the top of my head. Meditation, contemplation, and will matter more than lining up the zodiac with the phases of the moon. Correspondences only get a witch so far.

I opened my little online shop of handcrafted goods last month and named it Owl in the Oak. I kicked it off with having a table at the UU Handcrafted Bazaar which was relatively successful. It’s a slow-growing business but it has been going well. Since I’m a one-woman operation and I make all the items it’s easy to sell out of things quickly, especially the candles and shower melts.  But I love crafting things and I will be adding new items regularly. The slightly witchy bent is one of the funnest aspects of this shop. And the witchier items sold well too, especially the Faery balls and prosperity balls. I love the earthy, vintage, and intentional. I love practical spirituality. If it doesn’t have practical applications, it’s useless. 

I’ll have another oracle card reading event coming up at Café Steam on New Year’s Eve in the afternoon. I figured an end of year tarot event was a good idea. I love reading for other people. I don’t really know how well the square app for booking appointments works, but I’m trying it out. Writing tarotscopes is on the horizon for me as well. Tarotscopes are like horoscopes except I draw a card for each zodiac sign instead of interpreting the planetary positions. 

So, what are you doing to celebrate the full moon tonight? I did some contemplation, meditation, and creative visualization. I took the time to consider what needs commitment and recommitment in my life, and what attitudes and beliefs need to go. I, personally, have been slacking on my daily meditations other than when I do the daily card readings on Facebook, so I recommitted to a longer practice. It’s foundational, really. 
The rest of my evening will be spent drinking hot cocoa and reading a new book: The Old Magic of Christmas. It’s been an interesting read so far and I enjoy her writing style. I recommend it if you are interested in old Yuletide traditions that inform our current celebrations. It’s filled with history and myth. 

If you’re wondering what the UU Handcrafted bazaar and Cafe Steam are, you probably aren’t from Rochester. One was a church bazaar in the Unitarian Universalist church and the other is a local coffee shop. And Faye is one of my cats. 💜



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