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Oracle Reading for the Week of December 12, 2016

I feel like the Faeries have been playing tricks on me this morning, first hiding my phone then hiding the cards. Getting mad about it would have just made it harder to find the things, but now I feel like I need a nap. 

In any case, they still wanted me to share their messages with you for the week. As the holidays near many people become stressed out about shopping, cooking, hosting, and dealing with family, among other things. The cheer gets lost, it becomes all about the duty and in that we find that the time of year that is meant to be festive becomes drudgery. We get burned out, grumpy, and tired of other people’s shit. The Faeries have a prescription for you regarding this. See below: 

Luathas the Wild on his head indicates burnout and the destructive side of fire. He’s the Faery that likes to move us along rather quickly, encouraging us to speed while we are driving and to hurry through all the tasks we have to do. It is easy to get overwhelmed. In any case, usually if we can temper his enthusiasm we can set a pace that is healthy for us while still drawing on the energy he gives to help us enthusiastically complete our tasks. For Monday and Tuesday, it looks like maybe his energy has gotten the better of you. Are you tired? Burned out? Sick of whatever has been going on for a while in your life? Sick of the season already? Rest and regroup. Sit down on the side of the mountain, eat a hearty dinner and go to sleep. Beware the destructive ways in which you can treat others when you are empty of energy. If you need to hermit for these days, honor that need. That’s the only way which will allow you you to actually be there in a good way for others later. 

Mickle a Muckle wants you to lighten up and play. Life is full of mixed blessings but having a light heart makes it easier to glide over the bumps in the road. He is urging you to play this Wednesday and Thursday. Do something fun. Being a grump blinds you to the blessings that are right in front of your face. You’re going to have to employ some trust as well, that all things will work out. In any case, having some fun after taking some time to rest on Monday and Tuesday will help you heal. It is necessary in order to recapture the spirit of wonder and excitement. 

And for the weekend, the Fee Lion wants you to let go of all that does not belong to you. Others’ burdens are not for you to bear. If someone has laid guilt trips on you, kindly hand them their doggy bag full of poo right back and say “this guilt doesn’t belong to me.” One of the best ways to avoid burnout and grumpiness is to know what you are responsible for and where your boundaries are so that you don’t end up taking on what you don’t need to be taking on. The Fee Lion says this is your task, and then he would like to sit over your shoulder while you happily read, or hang out with you at the movies, or whatever else it is you do when you’ve handled your business and can get on with the business of enjoying life. 




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