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Oracle Reading for the Week of November 28, 2016

Hopefully you all had a happy Thanksgiving and enjoyed many leftovers. This week’s reading has some interesting insights ahead about the way your life is moving and what is, or is becoming, available to you. I’m just going to get right to it. The cards are split into (1) Monday-Tuesday, (2-3) Wednesday-Thursday, (4) and the weekend. 

The Laume for Monday and Tuesday tells you about proper and unconditional giving and receiving. She looks a bit wistful, doesn’t she? While she sits atop another who looks like a wise old woman. One Faery sitting on the head of another indicates knowledge and wisdom shared. The Laume’s tattered wings show that she has given quite a bit. Keep your hands and heart open to receive and let the goodness flow through you to others as well. We can’t heal without the wonderful result of being a conduit for the healing of others. The Laume recommends random acts of kindness. If you’re feeling stuck in any situation, her advice is to focus on something else for a while- most beneficially what you can give to or do for others.

The Faery Guide is such a personal card that I wasn’t sure how the message applied to you, so I drew another card and now I’m feeling rather certain that the message is for you to stop ignoring that little voice in your head and heart that is telling you to take the risk you’ve been considering. Nothing is ever guaranteed, but creative chaos is at work and you do have the ability to harness that energy. You have to trust yourself and the guidance you are receiving from the other realm, though. Accept your current circumstances, consider, and then take the leap into something new. You may not be able to predict where you land but you’ve made it this far in life, haven’t you?

And on that note you are lead into the weekend by Ilbe the Retriever, the wonderful loyal Faery who will help you find all the things you lost. That ring, your keys, and perhaps most importantly those dreams you once held dear to your heart that somehow got dropped along the way and forgotten. He’s holding them out to you now, and he thinks you can do something with them at this time. It’ll require work on your end. His ears are all lit up, indicating the need to listen. Listen to your dreams. Anyway, he says, you really can do more than you give yourself credit for, and your dreams are worth pursuing.

So that’s the reading for the week as we head into December. Faery blessings to you 💜



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