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Oracle Reading for the Week of November 21, 2016

This week’s oracle card reading for you has a theme of healing. For many it’s been a tumultuous November. Emotionally exhausting and very raw, many have neglected self-care. The Faeries have some heartfelt and practical advice and input for you on this. 

The Singer of Healing in the reversed position indicates a block to the healing energy of this singer. Your raw, open emotional and perhaps even physical illness may have you feeling disconnected from the unifying song of the universe- that is, the inner part of you that recognizes you are connected to everything. What feelings, ideas or beliefs are you holding on to that keep your wounds open and unhealed? This is the question that is prominent for Monday and Tuesday this week. In order to take care of others we have to take care of ourselves first. When you allow yourself to heal, you become a conduit of healing for others. 

The Piper indicates that answering the questions that the Singer of Healing proposed will lead to healing and a restoration of inner balance and harmony. He indicates an ease with empathizing and the importance of listening with the heart. If you want to accomplish something that requires the cooperation of others, he recommends patience and gentle persuasion. His music is the music of your soul. Be gentle, be tender, and recognize the communication that occurs without words. Others may be hearing you better than you think on Wednesday and Thursday.

The contemplative Ta’Om is telling you it’s time to go experience something new, especially that thing you’ve been wanting to do but putting off for some reason. Go out and do something fun. Do something creative. Start the work you’ve been considering doing while you did everything else you felt had to be done first. Working with the energies and the messages from earlier in the week will lighten you up and ready you to move forward with what you’ve been wanting to do with your life. So there’s no excuses this weekend! Just do it 🙂 



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