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Oracle Card Reading for the Week of November 14, 2016

Happy full moon week everyone! Make sure to check out the amazing super moon! This week’s reading fits very well with the political and social tensions that have gotten worse over the past week. The Faeries definitely have words for us about it all. Let’s delve into it here and see what our Faeries have to tell us to help us live the best we can. 

The Lady of the Harvest came up in the reversed position for Monday and Tuesday. In this position she indicates an unwillingness to let go. She indicates that you are improperly holding on to things that you need to let die especially in terms of grief, regret, and anger. Holding on will not serve you. Feel your feelings and then let them pass so that you can move forward to making positive changes. She also speaks to us of the need to let go of outdated modes of belief. It’s ok to be wrong sometimes, no one is immune to it. Stubbornly clinging to a specific view keeps you and your world small and keeps you from recognizing the way other people view the world. It creates division because it prevents empathy. So let go. 

For Wednesday and Thursday, Ffaff the Ffooter comes up and is rubbing his feet to remind you of the importance of staying grounded. Information is coming but you’re not going to hear it correctly if your head and feet are both in the air. Now is not the time for irrationality. Meditate, breathe, center. Stick your bare feet on the ground and feel the earth. Do whatever you can to keep a level head and to remind yourself not to catastrophize anything. 

The Soul Shrinker in the reversed position for the weekend is here to draw attention to how we speak and think about ourselves and others. The more hateful your thoughts and words, the more you curse the world, yourself, and those around you. He comes with an imperative message of spreading kindness and compassion if you don’t want to see the situation deteriorate even more than it already has. Kindness and compassion include communication, and communication is both hearing and speaking. Validating what someone tells you is part of hearing. Compassion plus truth is honest speaking. Bless the world, bless yourself and bless the people around you in order to begin to shift things in a positive direction. He says kindness is like fairy dust and that we are too stingy with it. Get out there and sprinkle! Or throw fistfuls of it! 

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