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Weekly Oracle Reading for the Week of November 7th, 2016

Yesterday I had a very successful and fun art and oracles exhibit where I displayed recent artwork and did oracle card readings for half price. It was a busy day, which is why this reading is coming out a day late. It’s election week here in America and tomorrow is the day we all vote. There’s a high level of anxiety and the cards seem to reflect that, as well as the results of letting fear or a stubborn unwillingness to see the truth move you in directions that aren’t in your best interests. Make sure to practice extra self-care with all that is going on around you. 

The Glanconer comes up in the reversed position for today and tomorrow (Monday and Tuesday). In the best case scenario this indicates that you know what’s better for you, but you’re so enthralled with what is shiny that you ignore your better judgment- that’s when this card is in the upright position. But our Glanconer is in the reversed position and that indicates outright deception. This is a giant wake up call. Someone is lying about who they are, what they really want and what they really feel. Whoever it is hopes to gain an advantage by fooling others, may even believe the lies themselves and probably vanity is a driving force. Make sure that the person who is deceiving isn’t you. And if it’s not you, open your eyes to what is going on around you because the effects of allowing this to go on unchecked are incredibly detrimental. I personally do see a correlation between this card and one particular orange presidential candidate. But as this reading also deals with your life in general, proceed with care. Say no to lies in all forms.

For Wednesday and Thursday the Green Woman is in the reversed position, indicating stunted growth. This will be the result if you don’t address the deception issue on Monday and Tuesday. When the Green Woman’s energy is twisted we aren’t being our natural selves and allowing ourselves to grow in the proper direction. You can always make changes by digging up the weeds that don’t belong in your heart and making space for new growth. You can always begin again, cutting back what is false, loosening up and letting go. As I mentioned before fear is a strong sentiment right now and the message here is not to let fear be the basis of your decisions because if it is, you will move in directions that are wrong for you. Replace fear with love. 

And that’s what this weekend’s card is about as well. It’s about the courage to stand up and be who you really are. The courage is present in you. It’s about moving through the fear and boldly proclaiming your truth. The week may have been difficult but there is always the ability to move past your limiting beliefs and ideas about yourself and the world. Have courage, have faith. Don’t let fear keep you small and hateful. 


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