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Oracle Reading for the week of October 31, 2016

This week begins with Halloween and on the day after the new moon. Autumn is creeping closer to winter and in our current world climate things sometimes appear to be pretty bleak. The information you take in does affect you and your resulting attitudes and beliefs shape the quality of your life. Your reading for this week is all about an honest look and inventory. 

Gloominous Doom, our challenger of self-pity in the reversed position for Monday and Tuesday is pointing out some self-defeating attitudes. There is a tendency when something doesn’t work out to think that nothing will work out again forever and ever and now you’re a total failure and where’s the ice cream to cry into, please? Ole Gloomy here says you have an opportunity to break this kind of mental cycle this week. He also says that if you’re around someone who is stuck in this mental cycle, especially because he is in the reversed position, probably there is nothing you can do about it so adjust for yourself accordingly so that you don’t get sucked into it. Our tendencies to wail about how awful everything around us is distracts from the good we could be doing for ourselves and for others. Be aware of these attitudes as they are prominent for Monday and Tuesday. 

So where are you lacking focus? You might find yourself feeling scattered in the middle of the week or wanting to cope in unhealthy ways. Especially if you’re super connected to the news outlets and receiving input all the time. You can still regroup. When He of the Fiery Sword is in the reversed position, he indicates a blockage of energy. In this case it would be the archetypical masculine energy of willpower and determination. So your question for yourself, if you experience this this week, is how are you blocking this energy? Are you indecisive? Are you pretending you don’t have any power to make a difference? 

Ah, and G. Hobyah for the weekend speaks to us about our fears. How is fear holding you back from living the life you want to live? What don’t you want to face? He’s a shadow, really, and when confronted he disappears or turns into the coat and hat you have in your closet instead of the bulky monster you hear rooting around. Most of our fears are unfounded and the ones that aren’t need facing anyway. He says it’s time to step up and recognize what is real and what is just the past masquerading as the present. What is the truth behind your fears? You’ll need to face that this weekend and chances are, you’ll be freer are as a result. 

I hope you all have a lovely week!



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