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Weekly Oracle Reading for October 17, 2016

Last week’s reading was all about change and paying attention, culminating with the full moon this weekend and resolution to problems and issues. Did you take the steps you needed to take? We ended up fulfilling a dream I’ve had for years of adopting a sweet little black kitten. I consider that to be a resolution to a long-awaited wish. This is Faye 🙂 Isn’t she a peach? Ok, on to the reading!

 This week I’m using the Angel Dreams oracle card deck again (I just love it) to look at the energies we are working with for this week. Faye helped, you know, in the way that kittens help everything be better.

The energies for Monday and Tuesday are creative energies. That’s a common theme it seems for the beginning of the week, which I think isn’t to be overlooked. Mondays being the day that begins the week, and beginnings being akin to creativity, is something we can work with. So what new and wonderful things do you want to cook up in your life this week? The moon begins to wane this week as well so be aware of making space for better things. Consider how you can add a little spice to your life. Change things up! Especially after the full moon energy with the resolutions and the big shifts many of us have felt. Monday-Tuesday is a super time to take even the littlest steps to spice up your life. Redecorate, try a new food, get some fresh flowers in the house, whatever- just be creative!

Astral Travel represents the energies for Wednesday and Thursday. This is a super time to gather information especially through self-reflection and dream work (in alignment again with the waning moon energies). Building on the energy of Monday and Tuesday, expand your horizons! What have you always wanted to do or learn? How about making new friends? Start taking steps to make it so! You are filled with so much potential. Don’t let fear hold you back from any of the things you want to do. And don’t let excuses hold you back either. When we commit to something the universe generally conspires with us to make it happen. Especially fun things! 

And for the weekend we have “Yellow,” energy associated with the third chakra (solar plexus), urging us to find balance between being assertive individuals and accepting change. Be adaptable and flexible while also being firm about your personal boundaries. Plans change? Make the best of it. Roll with the punches. Speak your truth. Say what you really think and feel. Don’t stuff any of it, but do your best to communicate with loving kindness. Be clear on where you stand with your values and ethics and don’t compromise on that. But life changes? Roll with it. Small things like a change of venue for getting brunch with pals? No need to get competitive or fight. Enjoy the weekend, enjoy being you!

Now I’m off to do my best to get the new kitten acclimated to the house as well as help our resident cat, Piper, feel that her territory isn’t being compromised. Talk about balance! I hope you all have an absolutely lovely week! 



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