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Music Hath Charms…

Music is a meditative form of healing. If I can’t quiet my mind I tune in to the right music and focus intently on the words and music, move my body, and suddenly…

My chest opens to send butterflies into the sky and love down my legs. I feel an involuntary smile pull my face into joy. 

Or I feel tears tumble out of my eyes and my soul wretch, but it’s safe. I tell myself it’s the music but underneath I know it’s also me.

Music is a powerful outlet, touching emotions I don’t always want to face. Healing on a level deeper than consciousness. Making it bearable.

You can connect with your higher self this way. I have received messages relevant to problems or concerns through lyrics on many occasions.

It is an often overlooked tool in meditation, healing, and knowing yourself. Especially if you are prone to disassociation, music can help. 
Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak. 

To meditate with music:

Put together a playlist or pick a station on your favorite music app. 

Be free of visual distractions (shut your eyes, be in the dark, focus on one area).


Focus on the music and words and let go.


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