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Oracle Reading for the Week of October 10, 2016

I recently received two new card decks that I have been super psyched to get to know and work with. So I’ve been working with them and I decided to use the Angel Dreams oracle cards for this week’s energy reading. I’m stoked! Now, on to the actual reading part of this post. 

The card for Monday-Tuesday is premonition, indicating the importance of trusting yourself, your intuition, and the messages that are coming to you. Stay present and pay attention. The world, and the spirit world, is constantly communicating to you through signs and symbols. If something feels weightier than normal, it is. An example would be, I see squirrels all the time. Recently a squirrel came up on my porch and just stared at me. This felt different than the everyday squirrel encounter. It meant something more. These things happen in your life too, so recognizing and decoding the symbols is important. Pay attention to your dreams, as well. If you get a message you don’t like, you do have the opportunity to change things. Nothing is set in stone. You have a choice.

The card for Wednesday-Thursday, Mugwort, indicates that changes are afoot. Perhaps you knew this based on your experiences from Monday and Tuesday, or perhaps you’ve known that it’s been building for a long time. Celebrate your accomplishments and do a little ritual to acknowledge what was and where you are going. This would be an excellent time to do creative work! Everyone is creative, so bust out your favorite things to do and get to it! Honor the transitions in your life. You have done so much, come so far, and that deserves celebration. 

For the weekend there is comfort that any problems you have been having are on their way to being resolved, but it’s important that you do your part to make it so. You know what to do, so you should probably just do it. Be strong when facing challenges and don’t forget to call on your angels and guides for support. They always willingly oblige. 

Alright my loves! That’s the oracle reading for this week! I hope it helps you in some fashion and I hope you have a terrific week! 



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