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Oracle Reading for the Week of October 3rd, 2016

I hope you all had a splendid new moon and that you set some stellar intentions! This week I’m using the Wisdom of Avalon oracle cards for the weekly oracle card reading. I’ve got some new decks coming to me that I’m super psyched to get to know and do readings for you with. As always if you would like a personalized reading please contact me. Now, onto the reading for the week! 

It looks like the theme for this week is connection. Overall the cards are highlighting relationships, including your relationship to yourself and to your higher power. So as we go through the individual cards, take inventory of yourself and any area that may be lacking attention (including your relationship to yourself- it feels necessary to repeat that because it’s the one that so often gets overlooked).

The Dog came up for Monday and Tuesday this week. The dog’s energy is about relationships and loyalty, and loyalty to yourself and your goals. Enjoy the company of your loved ones (including fur babies) and let the love flow. If there is any disloyalty or any area where you don’t feel you “fit,” let those people and things go so that you can be your happiest and best.

The Eagle, for Wednesay and Thursday, tells us to get in touch with our connection to our higher power. Listen to your intuition. Communicate with your angels, your guides. Apply the wisdom that you have learned to your life. Know that you have the strength to make any changes that are necessary, and that it’s ok to make the changes that reflect your highest good. Get quiet and listen. 

The Grail Knight popped up for the weekend, representing both divine and romantic love. Let yourself receive the love that others are offering to you. See how your relationships, all of them, including your relationship to yourself is sacred. And don’t allow yourself to be fooled into thinking that anyone is without a dark side. You must see others clearly in order to love them truly. Harmony is present. Practice gratitude.

I hope you all have a fantastic week!



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