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Oracle Reading for the Week of September 26th, 2016

This week I’m again using the Faeries’ Oracle for the weekly reading. Interestingly enough, Gawtcha is back again for the middle of the week. Let’s see what the faeries have to tell us about the energy for this week. 

There’s a buzzing energy of new beginnings this week. Taitin here speaks of new ideas and energy. She’s all about getting the creative juices flowing and searching for that diamond idea in the rough. She’s pointing us in a new direction and encouraging us to be open. There are so many possibilities. Let yourself brainstorm, let yourself dream and imagine. She implores you to see where these dreams and ideas may take you. And if you’ve been stuck at all, she might just offer a way out of the confusion. 

Taitin’s energy may have stirred up the mental and spiritual longing, but Gawtcha is here to move you in the world of form. He’ll help you blossom. He’ll help you shed that outgrown shell and move into a better, more mature you. If your breakthrough feels more like a breakdown, it’s ok. That happens to the best of us. But don’t try to make things go back to the way they were. Make a new puzzle. Gawtcha is truly a kind faery. Sometimes the helping doesn’t feel like it when it includes letting go of something that was comfortable, but not working. No more self-imposed limitations. You’ll thank him later. 

And then Laiste comes along for the weekend to guide you. After those new ideas and trying on new ways of being, then the shock and loss of realizing the old ways won’t work anymore for who you are, Laiste with her joyful smile and glowing wings lights your way in the dark. One step at a time. And don’t get too comfortable lest you accidentally walk into a hole or a ditch. Now is the time to be aware, to follow the signs and your intuition. Pay attention to your dreams. You’re waking up on a whole new level now. 

Have a fantastic week!

Xoxoxo Jess 

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