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Oracle Reading for the Week of September 19, 2016

This week I’m using the Faeries’ Oracle cards to find out what energies we have to work with this week. So without further ado…

Lys of the Shadows is the faery that came up for Monday and Tuesday. She wants us to work on our self-esteem issues. She says that we are all worthy, that we all have a light to shine against the darkness and lead us where we need to go. She’s a helper faery and she says that if you have the opportunity to help someone, to take it. Your impact is bigger than you know.

Gawtcha is the card that represents Wednesday and Thursday. He used to really bug me out, I didn’t like it in the past when I would pull his card. He’s another helper though. He says it’s time to face facts. If you’re in a rut you better move your bum before life comes along and moves it for you. That’s not a malevolent threat though, just stern faery advice. The universe is benevolent and events unfold that you may label “bad” or “good” but in reality it’s all just experience and it’s not personal. Anyway, if you’re stuck in fear call upon the Singer of Courage to help you use the fear energy to move forward. It’s time to grow.

And our card for the weekend is one of my absolute favorite cards ever. The Faery Who Was Kissed By the Pixies exudes love and joy. Everyone in this card has a smile, even the little guy meditating above and to her left. They’re all blissed out in love. Mourna is the faery in the middle, shining her light and glowing in the love they all have. Her message is one of healing and love and play. The faeries say have fun this weekend and bask in the love that flows through you and to you with an open, grateful heart. Especially after the hard work done in the beginning of the week, this is a lovely message of joy for the weekend. 

Xoxoxoxo Jess 

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