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Mabon Festivities 

Mabon is the autumnal equinox, the celebration of the second harvest and it takes place on September 22 this year. It’s similar to Thanksgiving but without smallpox blankets and stealing from the indigenous people. It’s a time of gratitude and of reflection as we look over our lives and see the fruits of our labor. It’s a time of reaping what we have sown. What did you plant in your life this year? 

It’s also a time to honor the mysteries and the impending darkness as the days get shorter in preparation for winter. It’s a time to finish up old business, plant new seeds for what you want to reap next year, and prepare for a season of rest. Ancient Druids used to honor the Green Man during this time by offering wine to trees. That may sound fruity to you (wine pun!) but if you look at the common tradition of putting presents under the Christmas tree (offering) well, it’s clear some traditions survived the old times.

There are very simple ways to honor this Sabbat.

Take a walk in the woods. 

Host a bonfire with friends. 

Meditate on the direction of your life, on how far you have come and what you want to bring into your life. Give thanks for the good seeds you planted that bore a harvest of love, joy, and prosperity in your life. 

Give thanks for food! 

This is a time of balance (equal day and night) so consider how you can bring more balance in your life. Practice yoga.

 Drink cider or wine, cook a delicious dinner and celebrate with your loved ones.

Organize a food drive. 

Do a “fall cleaning” of your home. 

Meditate on the story of Persephone who descended into the underworld at this time and whose mother, Demeter, gave us the fall and winter seasons- 6 months of darkness as she mourned and searched for her beloved daughter (although apparently here in Minnesora it’s more like 8 months). 

Learn the stories of your ancestors, many of which focus on the cycle of life, death and rebirth.

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