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Oracle Reading for the Week of September 12, 2016

Hello loves! This week I am using the Wisdom of Avalon oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid. Let’s get down to it!

The card for Monday-Tuesday is “Wealth” and is all about gratitude and satisfaction. You’re encouraged at this time to count your blessings and recognize how your needs have been met. This is also a time of emotional fulfillment. Perhaps some rough relationship has smoothed out. You may also see the fruits of your labor in regards to whatever you are working on. The energy is all about practicing gratitude as a way to keep your eyes and heart open to the truth that abundance is everywhere and that you are cared for. You’ll then see that truth reflected in your life. Nature, the universe, is not a miser. Be like nature and don’t forget to share!

The next card we have is “The Grail Knight,” for Wednesday-Thursday. The full moon is this week on Friday and the Grail Knight represents taking an inward journey and finding the sacred within your own soul. Love yourself! During these days take time to reflect on your life with honesty and love. We see that he is on bent knee holding the Grail up as an offering. What gifts do you have to offer the world from your heart? At the very least, love. The light of heaven is shining down on him just as it shines down on you with love and healing energy. This card can also portend a new or renewed relationship for some of you as well.

The last card which is for the weekend is “Protection.” It’s a time to be aware of who is really in your corner in life and the possible hidden agendas of others. Know that you have Angels and guides protecting you on your journey and remember to ask for their help and protection. And trust your intuition. Trust trust trust your intuition (I feel I can’t stress this enough right now). Remember your boundaries. Other peoples’ drama is for them. If you’re facing a situation that you are nervous about remember that you are only responsible for yourself, you only have control of yourself. It’s freeing to remember that you’re not responsible for anyone else’s thoughts, feelings, words or actions. This isn’t a “bad” omen by any means. Just be aware and listen to your inner guidance.

May your week be filled with joy, blessings and breakthroughs!

Xoxoxo Jess

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