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Oracle Reading for Week of August 29, 2016 

Sorry this is late going out this week! Also, next week there may not be a weekly reading because I will be on vacation. Yay! Anyway, I’m using the same deck I used last week. If these readings are helpful at all or if you have any questions drop me a message or leave a comment. I would love to hear from you. Ok, on to the message!

The card for the first part of the week (Monday, Tuesday) is “Observer.” This cute little fox with his telescope is telling us to get some distance from emotionally charged situations and find the neutral place within ourselves where we can look at our lives, cultures, and situations objectively especially if we want to gain better understanding of ourselves and others. So, be objective, be neutral, and don’t forget that while your emotions are part of you, you are not your emotions. 

“Yin” (for Wednesday Thursday) in the reversed position wants us to be aware of the ways in which we are not allowing ourselves to receive. She says hey, don’t block the good that’s coming your way. Open your heart up to all the love and goodness. Not sure how? There are some yoga exercises you can do to open your chest. That’s a good place to start. Another simple thing you can do is affirm that you are open by telling yourself, “I am open to the good that is coming my way.” Don’t overthink it. Another part of this message is that you can’t always be the giver. So if you’re martyring yourself by always giving and never allowing yourself to receive, stop that. You’re blocking the natural energy of a vibrant life and in a very real, experiential way, I can’t imagine you aren’t miserable to some degree because you’re not allowing your own well to fill. So let yourself be filled! 

Ah, our weekend card. “Soulmates” in the reversed position. We see this adorable, cuddly penguin couple standing on their heads. This indicate that the old stories we tell ourselves about ourselves aren’t serving us anymore and that there are people in our lives who will make us see that truth. For some this could indicate a partner who’s behavior reminds you of a past pattern. Instead of reacting in the same old way, be present and ask what you need to heal. These types of soulmates make us come face to face with our insecurities and our fears and the ways in which we have been living small. It’s scary and it’s painful but it brings us healing and helps us grow. We need it. We need the people who bring us to our knees. So ask yourself what you need to learn from this in order to release those chains to the past and move forward.

Overall we see a progression here for the week of looking at our lives and cultures objectively, being open to receive the good, and being willing to release what is holding us back from growing and living more fulfilled. 

Alright loves! Enjoy your week! Xoxoxo 

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