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Week of August 8, 2016 oracle reading 

As part of a new series, I have decided to do weekly oracle readings for anyone who happens to read this blog. That means I’ll pull some cards each week to give an idea of what the energy and message is as guidance. So without further ado, the reading for the week. I’m using the Faeries Oracle this week by Jessica Macbeth and Brian Froud. 

I pulled three cards: 

The first card that came up is The Pook, indicating that it’s best to be aware of the principle of “as above, so below.” Whatever you want to see change in your outer circumstances starts with a change within yourself. The outside world is the last step in manifestation. So be mindful of the world you are creating for yourself (which affects others) by the thoughts you think and the values you hold. It’s a good time to practice discernment, get focused, get a plan for what you want to see manifest and then let it flow. The information we need is available. 

The second card is Taitin the Sylph, and she’s all about gratitude and letting your light shine this week. Be yourself! Give yourself a safe space to let new ideas flow and don’t be stubborn in holding on to beliefs or ideas that are subpar or not in alignment with your truth. She said the time is ripe for creative brainstorming. You have something unique to offer the world. Let your light shine! 

The last card for this week’s reading is Unity. Unity wants us to remember that even though we are all individuals, we are connected. Our basic needs are the same. We all want love and safety and to have our needs met. The best way is cooperation, allowing yourself to receive so that you can give as one flow of energy. What we want should never be at the expense of another. The universe has limitless resources. You don’t have to do everything on your own. Adaptability requires empathy and active cooperation for the best life for everyone. Let love be your guide. A good question to ask is, “what would love do?” 

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