Custom Spirit Beads

Spirit Beads are one of my most popular specialities. They are a powerful avenue for connecting with your higher power, ancestors, specific deities, saints, animal totems, and more. They can also be a powerful tool for your specific focus and intention, whether it be love, protection, success, health, monetary abundance or any other intention/focus you desire. Every set is handmade and magically charged.

Owl in the Oak Tarot 

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Welcome to Owl in the Oak Tarot!

My name is Jessica Ripley, and I am psychic witch of Celtic heritage serving the Rochester, MN community, greater southeastern MN community and beyond with tarot readings, spiritual guidance sessions, ordained ministry services, house clearing and blessing services, magical work, spiritual products, and more.


Everything in the Shop is handmade unless otherwise specified, according to important magical and timing considerations. All items are charged with magical energy to benefit you. I also make many customized items for specific needs not covered by the items in the Shop.

Tarot Readings, Witch’s Counsel, Banishment Work

In addition to the Shop, perhaps you’ve been drawn to my site because you’re looking for wise counsel regarding your questions about love, career, your life path… or perhaps you are looking for spiritual counseling and teaching, or to have banishment work done to your house/space to end unwanted spiritual activity or oppressive energy.

Perhaps you’re looking for a nontraditional minister for your wedding or other sacred ceremony.

Perhaps you need some other spiritual or magical work done on your behalf.

No matter the reason, you’ve come to the right place and certainly not by accident. A witch’s counsel and work is trustworthy in all of these matters.

I have a host of products and services for you to choose from depending upon your needs. If you have questions, please do ask.

Learn more about each individual service and schedule with me today by visiting the Book Your Reading & Ministry Services page. Navigate the Shop and services via the menu at the top of the page.


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