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Welcome to Owl in the Oak Tarot!

Perhaps you’ve stopped by because you’re looking for answers to your questions about love, career, and more – or perhaps you are looking for spiritual counseling that benefits you in practical ways, spiritual healing, or to have your house/space spiritually cleared. Perhaps you need some other spiritual or magical work done. If so, you’ve come to the right place. A witch’s counsel is trustworthy in all of these matters.

My name is Jessica Ripley and I am a practicing witch, professional psychic, and ordained minister. I have 12 years of spiritual counseling experience, 19 years of studying the mystical arts, and over 10 years of tarot reading experience with numerous satisfied clients.

I have a host of services for you to choose from depending upon your needs. If you have questions, please do ask. I give tarot readings in person out of my home, over the phone or chat, and via email. I will also give tarot readings at your personal or professional parties and events.

Learn more about each individual service and schedule with me today by visiting the Tarot Readings & Ministry Services page.

All services are by appointment only.

Note: I do readings and spiritual guidance sessions out of my home. If you have cat allergies, let me know and I will make other arrangements for a space for you to receive your service.


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