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~Psychic Tarot Readings, Witch’s Counsel, Spiritual Guidance, Officiant Services, and More~

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Welcome to Owl in the Oak Tarot!

My name is Jessica Ripley, and I am psychic witch of Celtic heritage serving the Rochester, MN community, greater southeastern MN community and beyond with tarot readings, spiritual guidance sessions, ordained ministry services, house clearing and blessing services, magical work, spiritual products, and more.

Perhaps you’ve stopped by because you’re looking for answers to your questions about love, career, your life path… or perhaps you are looking for spiritual counseling and wisdom, or to have your house/space spiritually cleared of unwanted energies and entities. Perhaps you need some other spiritual or magical work done on your behalf, or are looking for charms and amulets and other products to aid you in your life. If so, you’ve come to the right place. A witch’s counsel and work is trustworthy in all of these matters.

I have a host of services for you to choose from depending upon your needs. If you have questions, please do ask.

Learn more about each individual service and schedule with me today by visiting the Book Your Reading & Ministry Services page.

*June 16, 2018 – June 25, 2018 I will not be available. All orders placed in the Shoppe will be processed June 26th.*


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