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Custom Spirit Beads

Spirit Beads are one of my most popular specialities. They are a powerful avenue for connecting with your higher power, ancestors, specific deities, saints, animal totems, and more. They can also be a powerful tool for your specific focus and intention, whether it be love, protection, success, health, monetary abundance or any other intention/focus you desire. Every set is handmade and magically charged.

Owl in the Oak Tarot 

Online Boutique

Handmade, ritually created witchy wares for the spiritually inclined.


Tarot Readings, Spiritual Guidance Sessions, House Clearings, Wedding Officiations.

Serving the Southeastern Minnesota community locally, and the greater world online.

This one woman witch shop is run by Jessica Ripley, psychic witch of Celtic heritage. She’s been divining with tarot for over 10 years, and a witch for all of her life with extensive spiritual studies and experience.

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