~Tarot Readings, Spiritual Guidance, & Ministry Services from Rochester’s Resident Witch. ~ 

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Tarot readings are all about gaining the clarity and personal insight you need to better understand yourself and confidently make choices that will benefit every aspect of your life.

If you’re looking for a tarot reader who delivers a down to earth, honest reading with compassion and clarity, and if you’re open and ready to receive the answers you need regardless of what the answers may be, I am the intuitive reader for you.

My name is Jessica Ripley and I have been a practicing tarot reader for over ten years. I’m a witch and ordained minister with 12 years of spiritual counseling experience, and 19 years of studying the mystical arts.

Services I offer:

  • 30 minute or 1 hour tarot readings
  • 1 hour Spiritual Guidance Sessions
  • 1 1/2 hour Spiritual Guidance & Tarot Reading Sessions
  • House Cleansings & Blessings
  • Wedding Ceremony design & Officiant, Vow Renewals, Elopements
  • Memorial/Funeral Officiant

Learn more and schedule today by visiting the Tarot Readings & Ministry Services page.

Hours for in person Individual Readings & Spiritual Guidance sessions: Monday- Friday 11AM-8PM by appointment only.

Hours for Ministry Services: Monday-Sunday by appointment only.

I do readings and spiritual guidance sessions out of my home. If you have cat allergies (I have two) we can make other space arrangements.


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